Welcome to the Idaho Secretary of State's Online Campaign Finance Reporting Application. This application is designed to make reporting by Political Treasurers for Candidates and Political Action Committee's (PAC's) faster and more convenient. Instructions for using the on-line application begin on page 7 of the Campaign Finance Reporting Manual.

In order for a Political Treasurer to access the Online Campaign Finance Reporting Application, a C-1 Form: Appointment and Certification of Political Treasurer must have been completed and submitted to our office. The Political Treasurer must have provided an email address when completing the C-1 form to use for logging into the application. Once this form is received with a valid email address, an information email will be sent to the Political Treasurer containing a temporary password for initial access to the online application.

To access the Online Campaign Finance Reporting application, contact the Secretary of State's Office at [email protected] for a user ID and temporary password.

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